Richard Vieille, PhD

Clinical Director


I have a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and have been providing psychotherapy, couples counseling, and leading therapy groups in the Monterey Peninsula area for more than 25 years. Besides working in private practice, I have worked in community counseling centers, a university counseling center, and a mental hospital.  For the past 15 years, I have included neurofeedback training as part of my approach and have steadily gained respect for its value in helping people attain a degree of mental health and stability they never thought they’d have.  I still maintain a private psychotherapy practice, but in 2012 I opened the Monterey Bay Neurofeedback Center with colleagues Ellen Saxby and Bonny McGowan and am its clinical director.

When I first introduced neurofeedback training into my practice, I saw clients who had been on medication for decades for anxiety and depression no longer needing it. I’ve seen traumatic histories find resolution. People who have struggled with a lifetime of attention deficit disorder are more able to coherently address the challenges and relationships in their lives.

As with medication, psychotherapy, and counseling, neurofeedback training doesn’t work for everyone. But it has significantly improved the chances for successful outcome with a variety of disorders, some of which have frankly had little hope for success through traditional approaches (ADD, PTSD, and addictions). It is fascinating to watch this rapidly emerging field gain credibility in the mainstream of mental health practice. I feel fortunate to be able to provide this treatment for our clients.


Ellen Saxby, RN

Executive Consultant


Ellen Saxby, RN had 20 years of nursing experience before beginning her practice in the field of Biofeedback. She worked for seven years as a Biofeedback clinician before expanding into the field of Neurotherapy.


She was trained by Eugene Peniston PhD, a pioneer in the field of Neurofeedback, the founder of the "Peniston Protocol" which uses Alpha Theta training for prevention of relapse in addictions. She helped develop an Alpha Theta training program in Pacific Grove to work with people suffering from addiction disorders, and the treatment of anxiety and depression in recovering alcoholics.


Her experience also includes work with traumatic brain injury and seizure disorder. She is a founding member of the International Society for Neuronal Regulation and served on its Board for three years. Her study, "Alpha-Theta Brainwave Neurofeedback Training: An Effective \Treatment for Male and Female Alcoholics with Depressive Symptoms" completed with Dr. Peniston, was published in The Journal Of Clinical Psychology. In addition to Neurofeedback training, she teaches workshops and classes in meditation.


Adam Murray, CphT

Technical Director


From an early age I have been passionate about healing and have worked in oncology, in the pharmacy, as a naturopathic medicine consultant, in horticulture, most recently in emergency medicine, and currently in neurotherapy. I was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley and after receiving my associates degree in pharmacy technology, relocated to the Monterey Peninsula to further my education and be closer to the wilderness of the Central Coast. 


I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Psychology. In my spare time I enjoy exploring nature, gardening, mycology, reading and discussing neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, psychopharmacology, and music.  I have a love for all living things, especially my cats, and find purpose in life helping people live happier healthier lives.


Max Cajar

Neurotherapy Technician

I am a veteran of both the U.S. Air Force and Navy. While attending the Defense Language Institute I fell in love with the Monterey Bay Area. After my time in the military was complete I chose to move back and start a new chapter here. I spoke so highly of our fantastic community that my parents, my sister, and her family moved from across the country and made it home as well.

I have since earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology at CSU Monterey Bay and plan to finish my master's degree as well. I have enjoyed being part of the Monterey Bay Neurofeedback Center's team and being able to help our community stay mentally healthy and strong.