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Peak Performance

" Brainwave technology is the future of competitive sports. It helped me to focus and concentrate, keeping cool under pressure. "


Richard Faulds
Olympic Gold Medal winner

Sydney 2000

Peak performance is that mental state where you are calm, focused and present—where your creativity, skills, and attention combine in such a way that you perform at your optimal best. Major sports teams, Olympic champions, musicians, artists and business leaders are using neurofeedback training to enhance their ability to manage anxiety, disregard distractions, stay focused, think clearly, and remain calm under the most stressful conditions.


Numerous studies demonstrate that neurofeedback training helps your brain to enhance, strengthen, and maintain your ability to focus and perform. Similar to athletic training for the body, neurofeedback reinforces appropriate regulation of thoughts, attention, and energy—improving the level and consistency of overall performance scholastically, professionally, athletically, and artistically.

If you want to learn faster, increase your creativity and productivity, improve your IQ, minimize fear and anxiety, and maintain focus under stress, neurofeedback training can maximize your potential in any area of your life—enhancing your ability to reach your fullest potential.

What's the research show?
Research studies in sports, the arts, and the academic world show that neurofeedback training can effect positive changes in brain functioning-—resulting in improved cognitive and behavioral performance.


Neurofeedback training has shown a demonstrated ability to improve the following:

  • Increased IQ and mental flexibility

  • Increased concentration, cognitive, and executive function (organization, planning, evaluating progress, following through, assessing consequences)

  • Reduction of general anxiety, performance anxiety, and social withdrawal

  • Increased ability to enter a focused, immersive, meditative-like creative state


Who can benefit from Peak Performance Training?​
The Arts  In a study at London's Royal College of Music, student piano performance was judged before and after five weeks of neurofeedback training (judges were blind to whether students had been given neurofeedback therapy). The neurofeedback training resulted in a "year's worth" of improvement in control, creativity, interpretation, and other parameters of musical performance. In another study, dancers showed improvement in technique, timing, partnering, and flair.

Sports  Elite golfers, archers, mountain climbers, basketball players, and the Italian soccer team have documented benefit from neurofeedback regimens. The ability to focus when necessary, yet shift to an open state; learning to relax under pressure; mustering certainty when distracted by doubt; and increased access to the "zone" are some targeted aspects of sports performance by athletes using neurofeedback.

Academics  Cognitive enhancement is the most researched area of neurofeedback training. Working with attention, research has noted average improvements in IQ of 10 points (and as much as a 24 point improvement), achieving academic improvement in "normals" as well as those with attention difficulties. Neurofeedback training can reduce test taking anxiety, improve cognitive processing speed, and enhance executive function.

Business  Performing at your best and staying in a relaxed and focused "zone" enhances your productivity, and contributes to your competitive edge in the business world. Peak performance training is effective in enhancing your analytical and creative thinking skills and memory.

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