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Peak Performance

Peak Performance in Athletics

The following is from Vincent Monastra’s book (2008), Unlocking the Potential of Patients with ADHD. He is a respected researcher in this field and has published an earlier review of the research literature which was cited on-line in the CHADD “What We Know” series. That review is outdated and the following update is a more current reflection on the scientific research into the utility of neurofeedback for attention issues.





Peak Performance Summary

While studies demonstrate some success in a range of activities, the performance enhancement research to date is controversial. Scientists need to be rigorous in their work and the conclusions they reach based on their research. One pervasive issue is that while subjects are trained to change a particular range of brainwave activity to produce performance enhancement, despite attaining performance enhancement, these improvements are not accompanied by measurable achieved differences in brainwave activity. So the research demonstrates that there is a relationship between the intervention of neurofeedback training and success in performance enhancement, but the nature of the relationship is not known, or demonstrated.

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