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Alpha Theta Neurofeedback

The therapeutic efficacy of Alpha Theta training has been scientifically supported as producing high rates of recovery from alcoholism (Penniston & Kulkosky, Saxby & Penniston), drug addiction (Kaiser, Scott, Othmer, & Sideroff,),  PTSD (Penniston & Kulkosky), developmental trauma (von der Kolk MD, trauma expert), social anxiety (Gruzelier), and depression (Saxby & Penniston).  

Clinical observations of the efficacy of Alpha Theta neurofeedback include: therapeutic surfacing of previously inaccessible memories, profound (positive) alterations in mood and behavior, resolution of complex psychological problems, and as evidenced in post treatment testing, sudden reordering of the entire personality (William Beckwith, researcher and clinician), 

Alpha Theta is used commonly for peak performance with research demonstrating significant improvement in creativity, technique and communication in musical performance, improvement in dance, enhancement of performance of microsurgery and social anxiety.  

Alpha Theta neurofeedback can also introduce one to different levels of meditation and spiritual work.  It is a powerful tool in learning how to meditate (see spiritual enhancement heading for more on this).  

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